I miss Z104 from 10 years ago

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Posted by OK GO on February 21, 2014 at 15:37:00:

Z used to be live most of the weekday (I'm sure Jeremy Andrews will correct me on specifics :-)). Z used to be live on most of the weekend aside from American Top 40 and Kasey Kasem and the Friday and Saturday night Hotmix which was done by a Premier entity that if I recall correct it might have even been named Hotmix Productions or something.

Fast forward 10 years for weekdays: Elvis Duran (morning SYNDICATED), Katie Kruz (midday LOCAL VOICETRACKED), Ryan Seacrest (midday SYNDICATED), Aaron Rodgers (afternoons VOICETRACKED), Big D (nights SYNDICATED), Olivia Mornae (local VOICETRACKED). The ENTIRE weekends are syndicated with few exceptions.

Yet if you look at the numbers, comparing this year to several years ago to 10 years ago, Z has maybe lost 2 to 2.5 shares and some of that could be chalked up to more competition with 93.1 Jamz vs. when the competition was Power/Hot 105.9 as far as rhythmic goes.

In summation, I hate radio. I miss radio. This isn't radio. OK I know people older than me would say 10 years ago wasn't radio either. I suppose it's relative but there's technological advances (ie cutting tape vs. a 360 or Voxpro) and there's station staffing and local audience interaction.

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