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Posted by pp on February 21, 2014 at 15:22:47:

with hopes i wont be accused of being obsessed, im listening to dan conry whos in for belling and this is really irritating me as it does whenever i stumble on his weekend show. he does entire shows with his old cop buddy who lives on the coast somewhere. which fine, cool if you have someone you vibe with that makes good radio then do it up. but if youre going to do it on a regular basis for christ sake make your boss buy an isdn line and a mic for his house or work out a deal where he can go to a sister station locally and have engineering work out a connection while cohosts. conry does entire shows on the phone with this dude and aside from the quality issue on this dudes end, whenever conry takes a listener call he has to put this dude on hold, finish with the listener and retake the dudes call. which fine whatever, except he has to explain this fact every time theres a listener call. and then he has to explain to the dude that hes putting him on hold and he will take up his call again when hes done with the listener. its just sloppy radio on a station that otherwise runs a mostly tight sounding set of programming.

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