Wisconsin Legislature threatens journalistic opportunity

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Posted by Hold Me 'n Love Me on February 07, 2014 at 17:28:01:

I don't agree with shutting down CCAP and I think Mark Belling is a spineless turd who spends his time licking up the horse poo and eating beer nuts at that one gay bar he frequents. But on with the show, I mean story.

Mark Belling is bitching on the air right now about CCAP being threatened with shutdown by the Republican Legislature. Republicans want to take away WCCA's CCAP online software that allows the public to view civil, criminal and administrative cases and actions. It is one of the most thorough and easy systems in the country. But back to Belling, the reason he is up in arms about this is because you don't have to be an insider to know Mark Belling and his boytoy Paul Kronforst are known among law enforcement and courthouses as FOIA and public records whores. Removing CCAP from Belling's arsenal would mean he or an intern would need to physically go to the respective courthouse in the state and page through reams of documents vs. a simple web query.

Speaking of CCAP, use it right now to search for Mark Belling. I wonder if Clear Channel demanded he pay back the legal fees CC paid out to corporate and private lawyers for the several cases Mark Belling has been named defendant in or has initiated himself. But use CCAP to see what I'm talking about for yourself. Okay, ya wetback?

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