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Posted by jigga on March 10, 2013 at 14:10:52:

In Reply to: END of AM-FM RADIOS IN GM CARS? posted by JB on March 09, 2013 at 11:48:34:

I think money has a lot to do with this. There's no money in AM/FM for them.

AM/FM is a 5 cent chip in the entire system. To have it really isn't a big deal. For that matter, FM is in many cell phones, it's just not enabled.

The business is selling cars with 4G/LTE modems, and then basically your car is another phone or tablet. They can sell you apps and content, and can strike deals to allow features like Pandora into their cars. Remove the competition.

From a business perspective, this makes complete sense. Especially in a world where phones and tablets are becoming the technological center of everyone's lives. It makes sense to integrate it into your car natively, because people are already doing it, just in a clunky and awkward way with aftermarket adaptors and stands.

From a broadcaster's perspective, this sucks donkey balls. It's hastening a shift that has been moving for a while. However, it means that it's go time for stations that have not been jumping on board the new media wagon. Radio has a chance, but it will take some innovation and some hard work to make it.

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