Isthmus catches up with ex-WTDY staffers

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Posted by 4DFM on November 21, 2012 at 20:46:24:

Since this may not have been shared yet on here, I'll link this Isthmus story on today's news about WTDY dropping talk (linkback below). Isthmus was able to get a hold of several now-former 'TDY staffers. To summarize:

*Sly was suprised by the flip, especially with his show picking up ratings wise this past summer.
*Though they appear to be disappointed by the move, the ex-staffers' comments were generally positive and appreciative to 'TDY's listnership as well as towards Midwest Family. (Well, there is a condition in their severance package agreement hanging over them like a Sword of Damacles, so it's not surprising that they are not disparaging MWF.)
*Yes, there's some speculation of a changeover to all-sports, but Amy Barrilleaux and Dylan Brogan didn't get any hint as to what the new format on 'TDY will be.
*Even though Tim Morrissey left MWF four years ago, Isthmus got some comments from him; he thinks Sly won't be on "the beach" for too long.
*But if there was one universal theme in the comments, it was that it's sad that a local news voice has disapeared, thanks (according to Morrissey and Brogan, at least) to that big ol' bugaboo called radio industry consolidation.

All in all, their comments prove to be a pretty good read.

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