Talk show host admits to being criminal

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Posted by Marty BW Riaz on November 14, 2012 at 17:57:44:

I'm new to the area and the site so excuse me if this discussion has been had. I see a couple threads about conservative talk vs liberal talk. This is about a talent specifically and his topic. I also see further down the main page some threads about this particular talent where it doesn't seem he is well-liked atleast in the radio industry circles.

Mark Belling at 5:35 p.m. today ranted and raved about how people are going to drive drunk and he thinks there should be laws for people who are 'really' drunk and just 'regular' drunk. Mr. Belling then admitted how he's driven over 100mph on the freeway before and he knows it's criminal to do so(!!! ???). With all of these wrong-way drivers speeding on our expressways why would someone even 'go' there?

I feel that as particularly talk show talent, more responsibility for one's actions is required.

Brookfield presently out of radio
KDWB on-air weekends and sales previously

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