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Posted by zak, Administrator on July 27, 2017 at 14:40:54:

Hi there,

Many of you have reached out to me about the problems posting and the influx of apparent spam posts.

I've been researching alternate solutions to protect against bots and spammers, while also making life a LOT easier on all of you who regularly post - and even the passersby who have legitimate comments to share. However, there is a cost to build it into our current framework.

One option is to scrap everything and go to a completely new forum-like system. Those who were around in the BCR days remember Mark did that and it failed miserably - after the tons of work he put into it. For whatever reason, us media folks like to make drive by posts that easily allow us to put in a name and comment, without tying it to a registered account or broadcasting personal information.

The reason I'm writing this is because I see value in making the improvements to the anti-spam software that powers this site, and think it would also make engagement rise significantly.

While there are ads on the site, revenue is minimal. Is anyone willing to make any size donation for these improvements?

Thank you!


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