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Posted by Jeremy Andrews on February 28, 2017 at 01:20:01:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: WMYX HD 2 now Radio Disney posted by Paul on February 27, 2017 at 10:56:41:

I think there was a decent, not HUGE amount of people still listening to the AMs when they were sold off. They had local staff, booked at promotional events. WKSH actually made a showing in the ratings book a few times.

They went for the content. Yep, it was AM. Yep, they streamed and were on SiriusXM and Music Choice too.

I think the AMs were more of a broader set of cuts. A lot of on air cuts were made since the AMs went away. Lots of automation. Locally they are automated either jockless or pre recorded between 11PM and 6AM, 11AM and 1PM and 5PM-7PM. Website no longer shows anything about the staff. Just a hub to stream and request a song.

They have nowhere near as many contests as before. Some are concert tickets for the "LA area Only" (KDIS-AM and the studio)

Again, digital distribution of the network. Focusing more on Internet, SiriusXM and HD Radio. They have artist interviews, several of them air partially on the cable channel based in the same building. They have professional TV Cameras installed in the studio for these. Their "RDMA" (Radio Disney Music Awards) is also a HUGE focus. They ran a 360 live video stream from the red carpet.

It's not the same as it used to be. To an extent it still is, but with less resources.

It was originally a platform to promote Disney's products and services to 12 and under and their parents. ABC was syndicating it with their other networks at the time and they ran it with a live DJ 24/7

It evolved to the 12-16 demo in the 2000s. Disney Channel stars with a recording contract dominated the playlist.

Now they are basically a CHR network aimed at families, they even daypart certain features (Radio Disney Country Spotlight ans Thats My Jam, which often has older songs) usually run in the 11-1PM hours, likely for parents who might be listening.

They have 2 targets. Families in the car (Whether they have SiriusXM, the app, or happen to have an HD Radio, they want to be heard in the car. Parents, Kids, Teenagers) HD Radio fits in with this specific one.

14-18 doing their homework with their phone nearby. Maybe just waiting around at school. And relaxing on the weekend.

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