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Posted by Jeremy Andrews on November 09, 2016 at 20:57:53:

In Reply to: Re: 92.1 Best FM posted by John on November 09, 2016 at 20:14:41:

The imaging sounds more ACish than 80s.

They do not have any other stations named "Best FM" Trust me, I searched, so there are no clues with the branding.

iHeart has a handful of 80s stations that were at one time 70s-80s Oldies stations, most notably San Francisco (That station keeps changing format) and another in New Mexico. Their most popular internet stream (Apparently) is the iHeart 80s stream.

The playlist of iHeart 80s (along with a dry Legal ID) is heard in Madison on HD Radio, particularly 92.1-2, and 101.5-2 when they are not having a special event. 92.1-2 and 101.5-2 are raw simulcasts of special event channels (Guest DJs, etc) When they are not using them, they simply run the iHeart 80s playlist with a dry legal ID.

1550 will probably stay Classic Country, unless they decide to try to target the rural areas west of Madison by moving the format to 106.7, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them switch something to Progressive Talk.

They went on a two way battle with WXXM for it on 1670 for a short time, or at least the term "Madison's Progressive Talk" but when WTDY ended it was basically a hybrid of both sides of political talk (The now defunct Loveline at night for example along with Laura Ingram, Glenn Beck and Alan Colmes) along with Sly in the morning.

iHeart had 1 Progressive Talk show that Premiere Radio syndicated. Randi Rhodes. Once her show ended there, they started flipping the Progressive Talkers. WXXM was the last.

They do not have Air America anymore to brand it. The Progressive shows come from various sources.

Alan Colmes - Fox News Radio
Leslie Marshall - self syndicated
Norman Goldmann - Compass Media Networks
Thom Hartmann - Self syndicated

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