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Posted by Fusilli Jerry on May 22, 2014 at 21:45:37:

In Reply to: Kimberly & Beck posted by The Buzzed on May 22, 2014 at 19:16:27:

As much as I want to talk about the gay mafia and intolerant liberals, having worked for Entercom Milwaukee I will tell you that if you even farted the wrong way you were out. Entercom made no bones about the fact that anyone was replaceable. In my experience very rarely did people even get a second chance. That aggressive manner of managing in combination with the fact that LGBT issues and bullying are hot topics right now, and this firing was to be expected. As someone in radio, this on the other hand does disgust me. We are hired to bring in listeners of all colors and when we do one thing that goes a bit too far, because we're trying to stay current, get ink, and a lot of times just because we're being ourselves -- bam, management firms up like they sat on a Fusilli Jerry. Everything you did for them, including getting numbers so they themselves got the bonuses that paid for the new Benz parked in front of the doors (not a real parking spot) -- out the door. Ya feel me?

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